About Ayánge

Online Store

Ayánge has partnered with a broad base of geographically disperse designers from New York to South Africa, who have the highest quality creations ready for the client's closet.
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About Ayánge

The ethos at Ayánge has centered around the nature of fashion itself empowering, ever-changing and enjoyable in its various forms.
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Style Profile

Ayánge uses the style profile that will be well acquainted with the client's taste. Simple and optimally designed to translate into expertly curated items for the client.
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Getting Started is Simple

Ayánge services are based primarily online.

Personal services are available upon agreement and may attract additional fees.

Ayánge ascertains the client’s current style and what is needed to continue to hone into the client’s desired style

This is to further establish the client’s preferences and frequency of service.

Client’s decide on how often they’d like Ayánge to deliver clothing them and only pay for what they keep.

Delivery is made to the client’s office or home for free, worldwide.

Ayánge services are aimed at being nothing short of perfect. Therefore client feedback is highly valued to ensure these standards are continually met.

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